Peregrine Business Network

Peregrine Business Network (PBN) Ltd.

Accelerating Businesses on Blockchain


PBN is the bridge to get you quickly from objectives to realities.

With the perfect balance of in-house services and dependable partnerships, PBN gets you where you want and need to go with your business. Allow us to do the heavy lifting when it comes to major issues such as:

  1. Security listings - STOs and traditional listing of securities on UK/EU/international stock exchanges (via a more cost-effective approach of passporting through the Gibraltar Stock Exchange)

  2. Token listings - ICOs and secondary token listings on the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

  3. Fund Raising - Qualified investment through private, retail and institutional investors.

  4. Compliance and Legals - Financial and Regulatory Consulting

  5. Coding and auditing - Smart contracts and custom solutions

  6. OTC Cryptocurrency trading - For large to very large amounts only

    Whether you are just starting on your project, in the midst of searching for investors, or have already concluded a successful investment round (Series A or B/etc), there is still more PBN can offer in taking your business to the next level. Contact us to find out more.



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GBX / GSX Sponsorship & Listings

PBN is an authorized Sponsor firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group. 


Utility Token LISTINGS

PBN as your authorised GBX sponsor provides all of what is necessary to list your token, and assists your company to demonstrate that it meets all Obligations and Continuing Obligations as set out by the GBX Token Sale Rules. These rules are applicable to Applicants and Token Issuers under the GBX framework. 

We help you raise more funds on the GBX-GRID token sale platform through an initial token sale or secondary listing on the GBX-DAX (Digital Asset Exchange). By launching your pre-ICO or ICO here, you are gaining access to a pre-existing pool of KYC Whitelisted potential participants in a world-leading, institutional-grade platform built on good governance and best practices.  

Digital Security Listings

PBN helps your company approach Capital Markets with confidence and ease, by giving your listing access to both retail and institutional investors on the GSX and on UK/EU/international exchanges via passporting. This is possible due to Gibraltar’s unique jurisdiction in the UK and EU markets.

The fully regulated securities platform on GSX operates via the new STACS blockchain architecture with virtually no lag and increased liquidity. There will soon be live trading of securities on STACS enabled exchanges around the world, with T+0 clearance times (instead of T+3), and even securities such as OTC bonds can now be made much more liquid, simply by being listed on the GSX.

Contact us for more information on the listing of: 1) bonds, convertible bonds, 2) closed- and open- ended funds, 3) derivative securities, 4) asset backed securities and IPOs.



PBN maximises the fund raising potential of your business or project, all within the framework of a fully legal and regulated environment.


1. We provide a more cost effective and efficient solution to access Capital Markets with opportunities to passport onto UK/EU/International Exchanges.

2. Increased liquidity of usually illiquid assets (e.g. Bonds which normally trade OTC) by onboarding them onto the GSX STACS network.

3. Free preliminary assessment on suitability for admission to the GBX / GSX.

4. Access to the PBN network for growth and funding through collaboration, partnerships and deal flow.




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