Peregrine Business Network

Security Listings

Approval Process



Step 1 Initial Consultation

We would love to hear more about your project, vision and core team values. This is so we may understand how to help your business achieve its goals.

We can help you decide if any of GSX's two markets are suitable for your needs.

GSX Main Market (UK/EU): The GSX Main Market allows issuers a low-cost option for passporting their prospectus into the UK/EU stock exchanges.

GSX Global Market (MTF): The GSX Global Market is an EEA exchange regulated MTF where securities are not eligible for passporting and offered to institutional investors only.


Step 2 Pre-Approval

We conduct a thorough pre-approval process to determine if a listing on the GSX Main Market or Global Market would encounter any eligibility issues, which we can help you overcome.

This is to ensure your application would meet GSX's high regulatory standards, which is necessary to balance investor protection with market efficiency.


Step 3 GSX Application

We will handle all aspects with regards to communication and provision of required documentation to GSX.

Optionally we can also provide services in relation to the fund raising exercise, such as Marketing Services, Prospectus writing, etc.

In preparing your application, we will gather your listing particulars and supporting documentation as per the GSX Listing Code (download link above).


Step 4 Review and Approval stage

The application and all supporting documents are reviewed by GSX initially. Comments are returned within 5 business days on the first submission and 3 business days on any subsequent submission.

Once comments are cleared, GSX will submit the recommendation to the Listing Authority (GFSC for Main Market, GSX Listing Committee for Global Market) for approval. The Listing Authority has a further 10 days in which to raise any final issues.

GSX will inform us when the application is approved by the Listing Authority and that the units are ready to be admitted to GSX.


Step 5 Continuing Obligations

After listing, all Securities admitted to the Official List are required to keep investors informed of all developments in the nature and conduct of the company.

We are obliged to assist with this process such as gathering an annual statement of compliance, annual financial accounts, sitting in on board meetings, etc.

This is described in detail in the GSX Listing Codes (download link above).