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Building Partnerships

PBN is much more than a simple business network. It is an ecosystem helping you navigate the intersection between crypto and fiat business. Through our network of accredited investors, business leaders, professionals, venture capital firms, media and online celebrities, we can connect you to the right people in order to achieve your goals. 

We focus on building harmonious and profitable partnerships for the whole PBN eco-system.


Building up a new business from an ICO is still a new and fierce frontier that requires firm and honest advice from professionals who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of this field. This includes strengthening the business case, seeking the right investors, conducting the ICO in a regulatory and compliant framework, and ensuring the success of the business thereafter. Our firm gives you a holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.


We provide avenues for easy and quick compliance with financial regulations. We take your ICO efforts seriously so as to meet AML / KYC measures, while ensuring that every aspect of your operation complies with the laws in the jurisdiction(s) of interest. 

We have the resources to conduct thorough due-diligence (such as access to the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance platform) to meet the compliance standards of accredited exchanges ,regulatory agencies, and institutional investors, such as reviews to your blockchain code, business proposition, legals, corporate governance, website and white papers.


Tokenising your business

We have the technical, legal and business expertise to give you a professional and honest opinion of how your business may benefit from tokenisation. Commonly this may be due to a need to raise funds for a project, such as via utility tokens or security token. 

Just as how private companies go for an IPO to raise funds, you may do the same for a certain project or business idea through tokenisation, without the main hurdles and huge costs of a traditional IPO.


OTC Bitcoin trades

Through our partnering firm(s) institutional accounts with various regulated cryptocurrency exchanges, we can offer large to very large OTC trades in bitcoin, all for a very competitive price close to spot.



We have the expert marketing services to grow your business quickly. PBN can help produce content and news on leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, as well as other social community channels and newspaper publications as identified through collaboration on strategy by both parties.

PBN may also engage its network of well-known online personalities, celebrities, authors, etc. with large numbers of followers as part of its public relations efforts.